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Financial assistance – family benefits

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Financial assistance – family benefits

Here you will find information about financial aid, child benefits, and nursery payments.

Foreigners may benefit from social assistance benefits only after the completion of the procedure for legalisation of stay, i.e. obtaining refugee status or subsidiary protection.

You are entitled to the following benefits (if you meet the conditions):

family benefits

  • family allowance (95 PLN per child under 5 years old, 124 PLN per child between the ages 5 and 18, 135 PLN per child between the ages 18 and 24- income cannot exceed PLN 674 per person per month)
  • single-payment birth grant (1000 PLN- income cannot exceed PLN 1922 PLN per person per month)
  • parental benefit (1000 PLN every month for 52-71 weeks for persons who are not entitled to maternity benefit)
  • and more (including supplements to family allowance, care benefits)

child care benefits (500 PLN every month for each child under 18 years old)

good start benefit (300 PLN once a year for a school starter kit- for next school year in 2023)

family care capital allowance (500 PLN every month for two years or 1000 PLN every month for one year-a total of 12 000 PLN ,for a second and each subsequent child between the ages of 12 and 36 months, no income criterion)

co-financing of the reduction of the parent’s fee for a child’s stay in a crèche, children’s club or with a day care provider (max 400 PLN every month, the money is transferred to the facility- as of April 2022)

The above-mentioned benefits will be due upon fulfillment of the relevant conditions and criteria set forth in the laws and regulations governing the above-mentioned benefits.

Family members who remained on the territory of Ukraine will not be counted as family members, and thus their income will not be included in the income on the basis of which the right to income-based benefits will be determined (this applies mainly to family allowance).

More information and templates for applications:

Important places:

Social security office (ZUS)
address: plac Konsulatu Polskiego 4, 10-959 Olsztyn
phone number: +48 22 560 16 00
opening hours: Monday 8:00-17:00, Tuesday-Friday 8:00-15:00

Municipal Social Assistance Centre (MOPS)
address: aleja Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 61A, 10-449 Olsztyn
phone number: +48 89 534 04 14
opening hours: monday-friday 7:15-15:15

More information:

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